Andrew Reece is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a double major in criminology and government & politics). He jumped into government contract work for the US Dept. of Justice shortly after graduation. He mostly performed financial analysis of USDOJ grant expenditure. He moved to Blacksburg and became a communications officer for the Virginia Tech Police Dept for 2 years. From there, he worked in the financial crimes division of Wells Fargo for a short period of time before taking his current position as a crime analyst for the Roanoke City Police Department, where he recently celebrated his 4th “anniversary” in May. His current position mostly has him focusing on crime series, trends/patterns, hot spot analysis, and various data requests that come from inside and outside the department. He is also one of only a few hundred certified crime prevention specialists in the state of Virginia, and also recently acquired his general instructor certification from the state’s division of criminal justice services.

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A super short update of upcoming guests: analyst Andrew Reece, Dr Cynthia Lum, Dr Eric Piza, Dr Read Hayes and an analyst from the UK! A whole but of information about to come zipping your way. Stay tuned for information on signing up for two, hour long, webinars that I will be hosting, one in July and one in August.

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My apologies to Andrew Reece for losing my own audio somehow. It did not track but we did get his side of things. Unfortunately, it means the great conversation we had needs to be redone. In the meantime, here is a one off for you. I provide updates on the Access course, upcoming guests, the state of things, my philosophy update and I break down what my logo's meaning and where it came from.

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Just a short episode, since I was sick and had to postpone my interview, where I talk about upcoming guests, my new logo that you will start seeing around and how the work is going on the new version of UALE and a little bit more.

Stay tuned for upcoming guests Andrew Reece, Hillary Peladeau and Dr Cynthia Lum.

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