A day late but another weekly episode of NIRO Knowledge. It is your host once again speaking to you all about our current state of affairs, networking, and growing yourself during these times that may leave us vulnerable for social interaction and give us a little more downtime to learn something new.

Ultimate Access for LE - online Microsoft Access course

I just wanted to give an update of COVID related matters and a quick comment to the idea of “herd immunity.” A quick thanks to those who downloaded the course, and there were quite a few of you, and to those that let me know that you have had success in building your own databases already from what you learned.

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Ultimate Access for LE
American Society of Evidence Based Policing
Canadian Society of Evidence Based Policing
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Hello everyone and thank you again for lsitening. If you know someone, including yourself, that would like to share something on the show, please reach out to me ____.

Check out past episodes while we wait for this COVID-19 turbulence to clear up and the FREE online Microsoft Access course, Ultimate Access for Law Enforcement (but for anyone in criminal justice that is looking to track data utilizing a data management application).

A quick thank you to those essential personnel that are the out there on the front lines from police to corrections to grocery store staff and so many more. These trying and turbulent times have forced numerous cancellations of in person training and conferences and I have opened up my online course for free. Jump right to learning Microsoft Access and learn how you can apply it to criminal justice usage whether you are an admin, detective, analyst, student, correctional officer or anyone within the industry.

Ultimate Access for Law Enforcement online course

Dr. Joel Caplan is Associate Professor at the Rutgers University School of criminal Justice, Director of the Masters Program, and Director of the Rutgers Center on Public Security. Joel co-developed and continues to advance the spatial crime analysis technique of Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), now used in over 35 states in the US and over 40 countries worldwide.  He has prior professional experience as a police officer, 9-1-1 dispatcher, and emergency medical technician, and he routinely serves as a research partner and consultant to agencies in the U.S. and around the world on matters of public safety and security. Joel’s latest book titled “Risk-Based Policing: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention with Big Data and Spatial Analytics” brings a lot of his evidence-based practices and experiences together in one place.

RTMDx Gratis Program – the RTM program to download and use
Joel Caplan’s Twitter – for more great analytical insight and more

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